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1. When and where does our tour start?

A: Your tour can start at a place and time of your choosing within 25 miles of Carbondale. Check with us about pickups beyond 25 miles.

2. Can we bring food and drinks on the bus?

A: Yes, but you may only drink behind the front driver and passenger seats.

3. Do the wineries serve beer and if not, can we bring beer into the wineries?

A: Some wineries serve beer. None of the wineries allow any type of alcohol to be brought in from the outside.

4. Are there places to eat on the wine trail?

A: Some wineries serve snacks while others serve appetizers and sandwiches. One of the wineries even specializes in Swedish food. There are also restaurants along the certain parts of the trail.

5. How do we decide what wineries to visit?

A: We will take you to any wineries that you choose. There are links to the wineries in our website. If you don’t know, we will ask you to answer a few questions about your wine preferences, whether you want entertainment, food, etc and then make recommendations.

6. How many wineries can we visit in a typical tour and what if we don’t like one of the wineries we chose?

A:Tours usually last 5 to 6 hours and in that time we can visit 3 to 5 wineries depending on how much time you wish to spend at each one. Tours are flexible, we can stay longer at your favorite wineries or move on at any time.

7. Do wineries charge for winetasting?

A: Some wineries do charge for tastings and others may charge you a deposit fee for their wine glasses. You can either keep their glasses or return them for a deposit refund.

8. Can the wineries refuse to serve us?

A: As with any business that serves alcohol, the wineries may refuse to serve people who are already overly intoxicated. In some instances, the winerey may refuse to serve anyone in the same group. Just remember to drink responsibly.

9. Why should we choose you for our tour?

A: We are experienced, responsible and reliable. Our bus is nice. Check on our links to see comments from previous customers. We are also members of the Carbondale and Carterville Chambers of Commerce.